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Our Edison, NJ cosmetic dentists have helped many patients improve their smiles through aesthetic services. If you're constantly feeling self-conscious due to discolored teeth, crooked teeth, gaps between teeth, or teeth that are damaged or decayed – you can still achieve a healthy, beautiful smile. With over 30 years of experience and by using state-of-the-art technology, we develop the best treatment plan for your need and expectations.

Don't settle for a smile that you're hesitant to show off to the world. Schedule an appointment at Edison Dental Arts find out how cosmetic dentistry can restore your smile and confidence.

Brightening Natural TeethCosmetic dentistry Mark Vitale

There are many dental treatments available for providing patients with whiter, brighter smiles. If your teeth are natural, and have not been treated with prosthetics, we can remove stains with take-home teeth whitening kits. This treatment involves customized dental trays that fit snugly around teeth, allowing the whitening gel to effectively lighten the shade of your smile.

Patients whose teeth are too heavily discolored to be bleached can benefit from porcelain veneer treatment. These ultra-thin wafers are bonded over natural teeth to cover flaws and create the appearance of a bright white smile.

Repairing Damage with Cosmetic Dentistry: Chips, Cracks, Decay

Dental prosthetics are used to aesthetically restore teeth that have been compromised by tooth decay or injury caused by cracked or chipped enamel. Your treatment is recommended based on the severity of damage and can include:

• Cosmetic Dental Bonding
• Tooth-Colored Crowns
• Veneers

No matter which option is right for your treatment plan, you can feel confident knowing that all restorations provided by our Edison cosmetic dentists incorporate natural-looking materials. From crowns to restore seriously damaged teeth, to chair-side dental bonding to repair minor flaws, our restorations look beautiful and realistic. Some of these procedures can even close unappealing spaces between teeth.

Replacing Missing Teeth with Life-Like Prosthetics

Our porcelain dental bridges and permanent dental implants not only create the appearance of a full and healthy smile, but promote improved function and reduce wear on other teeth. Our dentists emphasize form and function for treatments that both improve the beauty and overall health of your smile. Ask us about options for replacing missing teeth, whether you had a single tooth knocked-out or several of your teeth are failing and require replacement.

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