Meet The Team

Meet the Edison Dentistry Team of Hygienists, Dental Assistants & More

Muriel, Hygienist
Meet Muriel - Edison Dental Hygienist  
 Angela, Hygienist 
Meet Angela - Edison Dental Hygienist  
 Kristen, Hygienist 
Meet Kristen - Dental Hygienist in Edison
 Debbie, Dental Assistant 
Meet Debbie - Edison Dental Assistant
 Brigida, Dental Assistant  
Meet Brigida - Edison Dental Assistant 
 Adriana, Insurance Coordinator  
Meet Adriana - Edison Insurance Coordinator 
 Laurie, Dental Assistant 
Meet Laurie - Dental Assistant in Edison 
 Emily, Patient Care Coordinator 
Meet Emily - Edison Patient Care Coordinator 
 Ethel, Dental Assistant 
Meet Ethel - Edison Dental Assistant